Sales Coordinator Role 👥

We've now released our new Sales Coordinator Role! For information on how the sales coordinator role works see our article here 

Programme PDF 📃

Attaching a PDF to display on a programme page has been made easier! Now you just go to the edit page of a programme in the CMS and find the 'PDF Upload' option. Now just simply upload a PDF directly to the programme! (This will still display on the front end the same as before).


Image Cropping Tool 📸

Image cropping tool has arrived! Now you customise and crop your own images on page and programme banners! For more info on how the image tool works see our article here

Add content block in the catalogue page

You can now add a content block into your catalogue page, simply 'click into your catalogue page in the CMS and add in a new content block exactly the same as you would any other page! Note that this content block will display at the bottom of the page. 

Impersonation 👀

Impersonation is a feature that allows you to 'impersonate' and control another user. This is useful for for account managers and admins who want to see what their user sees including permissions and roles. For more information on Impersonation see our Article here 

Edit private access 👩‍💻

We've updated our private access feature which allows you to edit an already existing private access. Simply click 'Edit' under the drop down next to the video you wish edit. 

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