A sales co-ordinator is set up via 'roles' in the CMS. A user must have this role assigned to them to see the sales co-ordinator features. A sales-co-ordinator can be assigned to multiple Account Managers.

An Account Manager can have multiple sales co-ordinators assigned to them.Once one or more users are set up with the role of sales co-ordinator, you can then edit an Account Manager and apply users as Sales co-ordinators using the searchable drop down.


  • Sales co-ordinators will be notified via email of any new registrations for their associated Account Manager/Territory.
  • Sales co-ordinators can review pending registrations, assign a Company and review or reject the registrationMeeting set up (website)
  • Sales co-ordinators can set up meetings on behalf of the Account Manager. In the meeting host drop down, they will see a list of all Account Managers they are associated to (whether via direct relationship or territory association).
  • The lists of all buyers associated to the Account Manager who has been chosen as the host (whether via direct relationship or territory) will be available for the Sales co-ordinator to add to the meeting (1 list)
  • The Sales co-ordinator can add pre-meeting notes and list items notes via the website, which will sync through to the iPad app
  • The Sales co-ordinator can go back and view old meetings + notes and re-send the summary email via the website
  • The Sales co-ordinator can also set themselves as the host of the meeting

In meeting (iPad app)

  • The Account Manager set as the host can log in to the iPad app to see the meeting. The Sales co-ordinator cannot see or edit a meeting which they are not the host of via the iPad app
  • The Account Manager can start the meeting, add to list, make notes, send the summary email and sync back to the website.


  • The Sales co-ordinator can only see their own or Global Lists. Account Managers buyers lists are not visible within the Lists section of the website


  • The Sales co-ordinator can see reporting data for all users assigned to the Account Manager (whether via direct relationship or territory).
  • If the Sales co-ordinator role is edited in the CMS, the view will update, e.g. if 'view reporting all users' is checked, all Sales co-ordinators will be able to see reporting data for all users
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