The Image cropping tool allows you to custom crop your Banner images on programme pages and CMS created website pages. 

To create different crops for programme images, go to  Admin > Programme Management > Programmes > Select a programme > Actions > Manage Images

Then next to the banner image you will see a new 'Manage banner image' button.

To edit for CMS created pages go to Admin > Pages > Select a page > Actions > Manage Images.

Now you can upload and crop your image to your desire! 🕺

You have 4 sizes you can customise, each size correlates to size screen the image will be viewed on, you can have a different image for each size if you want. 

For example, in the screenshot above an image uploaded for the 'X-Large' size would show from 1600px upwards. The image uploaded for the 'large' size would show from 1599px to 769px. 

Once you have uploaded an image you can use the slider and drag the image to move and size the image to the position you want. 

You can then repeat this on all sizes. This will then change to the selected image depending on the size of the browser. The 'Use as default' button allows you to upload one image and use this for all breakpoints.

Please note that the image cropping tool is not functional for banner carousel custom slide images. 

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