When this feature is active, it is possible to grant anonymous access to content on the site without the need for the user to login to browse the content!

Anonymous Access users see:

  • the logged out view of unrestricted content

  • the logged in view of content if given access (regardless of restrictions)

  • if given access to a programme, they see unrestricted videos without specific video access being granted

Admin users will be able to grant this anonymous access. It will generate an email to your selected email addresses and users must click the links in the email to access the content directly. If they try to navigate to the content directly through the site the pages will not work because a unique token is required via the email link.

To grant anonymous access: ONE Admin > Admin > Anonymous Access > '+ New Anonymous Access'

You will then need to enter the following details:

  • Name (the name given to this recommendation)

  • Recipients (comma separated email addresses)

  • Message (free text)

  • Set expiry date (optional)

  • Set number of views (optional)

  • Add list (the list associated to this access is created in the normal way. See lists.)

Once you have added a list, further information will appear giving you guidance on restricted access*. You will also be able to de-select items from the list if you wanted to exclude these from the email.

*NOTE: Each restricted item will need to be added to the list at this stage or the content will not be shown. For example if a restricted programme has 2 restricted series, you must add the programme and both series to the list or they will not be visible. Unrestricted content does not need to be added. For example an unrestricted programme has 2 unrestricted series, you only have to add the programme and the series will also be accessible.

Clicking the 'Save Anonymous Access' button will generate an email to the recipients where they can click to access content without logging in. If they try to navigate to other content on the site they will be prompted to login.

It is possible to cancel an email by clicking 'Actions' > 'Expire Access'. This will disable all links and a new email must be generated in order to grant access to content again. It is not possible to edit an anonymous access email.

Anonymous Access Users is a feature within the Users + package - if you would like a demo of the functionality or would like it active on your website please contact your Account Manager or Support@thisisone.tv

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