Users can now be assigned limited access to the website through the CMS admin page. The Limited Access Users feature can only be used for external users, and they will only see a logged-out view of a programme unless they have been given explicit access to it.

This means that instead of having to make the entire catalogue restricted and apply permissions for relevant users, you can use the Limited Access feature to grant access to a few key titles. These titles will show in the 'My Programmes' section on the site so the user can clearly see which programmes they have been given access to. When the Limited Access Users feature is active for your external users, 'My Programmes' can be found in the burger menu on the site.

If you have this feature enabled, to set up Limited Access for external users first navigate to ONE Admin > Admin > Users and click on '+ New User' button (or select 'Edit' from the 'Actions' menu of the user you want to set the permissions for if they are already registered as a user). Fill in the details of the user and scroll down and select the 'User Type' field as 'External'. Admin users will be able to see a radio button for 'Limited Access', select this field and create/save the user.

Once this has been ticked, scroll down to save.

To manage the programme access for external users, head back to the users page and now you will be able to see a 'Manage Programme Access' for your user in the 'Actions' dropdown menu.

This brings up the option to search for the programme you would like to allow the user access to. Type the programmes name in the search field and the programmes start appearing in the list below the search field. Click on the checkbox next to the programme names to allow your user access.

You can select as many programmes as you like, the settings automatically save.

Please note that if the selected programmes are 'restricted' then the system will still honour the restrictions and those programmes will not be accessible for the user unless they have been added to the list of permitted programmes using the 'Manage Permissions' option from the 'Actions' dropdown menu.

Limited Access Users is a feature within the Users + package - if you would like a demo of the functionality or would like it active on your website please contact your Account Manager or

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