Search reporting is a great add-on feature that's part of Reporting + 🤩

If activated on your site, you will be able to find Search Reporting as a tab on the Reporting page👇

Once you're on the search section of reporting, you'll see a table that displays all the recent search activity of your users. You can also filter this data via date range, and export it into a CSV.

The table lists the following:

  • Search term

  • Filters applied

  • User

  • Company

  • Location

  • Region

  • City

  • Date

  • Results

'Search term' show's exactly what the user typed into the search bar (either the global search bar in the header or the catalogue search bar).

'Filters applied' shows the filters the user selected from the Catalogue filters. It could be that the user applied a combination of search terms and filters, or just one or the other.

The 'results' shows the number of results for that specific search - giving an indication of how successful the search was.

Search Reporting is a feature within the Reporting + package - if you would like a demo of the functionality or would like it active on your website please contact your Account Manager or

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