New Attribute allows you to display a ‘New’ tag on the programme

if the release date of programme is less than 30 days old.

How to set New Attribute

To set a new tag for programme

  • Navigate to ONE Admin > Programme Management > Programmes

  • Select a programme and click on edit from actions dropdown

  • Once the edit window opens, scroll down to ‘productions details’ and set the release date to a date less than 30 days old.

  • Save the settings

  • Navigate to the front end of the programme and you will notice a ‘new’ tag is now appearing on the programme banner as well as the thumbnail on catalogue page.

  • New tag is visible for 30 days starting from the set release date.

'New' Attributes is a feature within the Programme + package - if you would like a demo of the functionality or would like it active on your website please contact your Account Manager or

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