You can add assign Talents to your programmes! Actor, Director, producer, you name it!

Talents is another resource you can assign to display on a programme page and use as a filterable field in the catalogue.

Creating a new Talent

  • Firstly navigate to ONE Admin > Programme Management > Talents

  • Add talent types by clicking on +New Type button

  • Enter a Name and click on Save

Now you can add a new Talent by clicking on + New Talent button

  • Create Talent modal will open.

  • Add First and last name and click on Save

Assigning a Talent to a programme

To assign a Talent to a programme, firstly navigate to ONE Admin > Programme Management > Programmes

  • Select a programme and select edit from ‘Actions’ dropdown

  • Scroll down to talents field and click on ‘Add A New Talent’ button

  • Add a talent by selecting talent type and talent name from the dropdown

  • Click on save programme once complete.

The talents can now be seen on the programme page

Note: Once a Talent has been created and assigned to a programme the Talent field will then display as a filter option.

Talents is a feature within the Programme + package - if you would like a demo of the functionality or would like it active on your website please contact your Account Manager or

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