The Mega Menu provides a menu with quick links at the top of your page. We know creating plenty of pages to showcase your content is vital but can get busy on the main side navigation so this is nice easy solution to showcase all your pages.

To set up the Mega menu you first need to assign pages to it. Navigate to the page you want added via ONE Admin > Content Management > Pages > 'Actions' next to the desired page.

Once in the 'Edit' modal simply check the 'Display in Mega Navigation' box.

This will now display in the mega menu on the front end of the website

The pages assigned to the Mega Menu will now appear as quick links that users can click on.

If Collections are added, and any child pages of that Collection, they will appear in a column. If only Top level pages are added, they will appear from left to right.

You can also adjust the positioning of the pages listed on the Mega Menu under the Navigation page in the CMS

You're all good to go! We can also help change the styling of the Mega Menu during set up, just let us know!

The Mega Menu is a feature within the Content + package - if you would like a demo of the functionality or would like it active on your website please contact your Account Manager or

Customise your subscription further - take a look at our other feature enhancing Plus packages

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