Team members is a feature that allows you showcase your staff and group them into departments and regions on the website.

Team members is a dynamically created page - you can add the content via the CMS and then the content appears on the front end of the website.

To manage your 'Teams' page first navigate to ONE Admin > Admin > Teams

Once on the teams page you can add Team members, Departments and Regions.


On the members page you can create and edit new team members. Firstly click on '+ New Member' then fill out the details including Bio, Department and Region. You can also add an image to individual users and these details can be edited any time by clicking on the 'Actions' button.


Once on the Departments tab you can create and edit new departments which can then be assigned to individual team members in the Members section.


You can also create and assign Regions to the team members. Simply click on the Regions tab and either create or edit a Region.

Once you've stocked your Team members page in the CMS you can toggle it to display on any menu's or not using the top right 'Actions' button.

You're all done! You can now see your page on the front end and can edit the team members at anytime within the CMS! Users on the page can also filter the team members by Region and Department.

A user can also click on individual Team member cards do display more information

Team Members is a feature within the Content + package - if you would like a demo of the functionality or would like it active on your website please contact your Account Manager or

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