Weighted Words is a feature that allows you to customise the search experience for your users that bit more!

Weighted Words allows you to assign a weight to keywords associated to your titles allowing for a more control over what titles are prioritised in your search.

To apply a weighted word first navigate to the programme you would like to add a keyword and click the 'Actions' button.

Once the Modal is open you can input a keyword and assign a weight to this word (The higher the number, the higher the weight).

An example of how you might use this is prioritising a Format title over the same scripted title, or vise versa.

You can also see a summary of all the weighted search terms you've assigned on the 'Weighted search terms' page ( Programme Management > Weighted Search Terms )

From this page you can see all of your weighted search terms. You can create new ones, edit existing ones and can use the search bar and sort order to filter out the results.

Weighted Words is a feature within the Search + package - if you would like a demo of the functionality or would like it active on your website please contact your Account Manager or Support@thisisone.tv

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