Programme Types

Programme types allows you add another resource and hierarchy to your programmes and how they're organised. For example you can create a 'Scripted' programme type, assign a programme to this programme type whilst still having multiple genres assigned below like Drama or Comedy.

There's three main elements to the programme types feature including; Programme types resource, catalogue quick links, and filter option. Each of these can be configured.

Programme types resource

The programme type resource is the core of the feature. This has to be active in order to use the programme types feature. Simply this is the addition of another resource in by which you can assign programmes to. This is separate to Genres.

Once programme types is activated on your site, simply navigate to ONE Admin > Programme Management > Programmes types. From here simply click the '+ New Programme Type' then fill out the fields and create!

Once your programme type is created simply go into the Programme edit page and select the programme type you want to assign. You're all set!

Now on to how to showcase and display your programme types (Woohoo!)

Programme Type quick links

If you chose to have programme type quick links switched on your Programme types will then display as quick link buttons at the top of your catalogue page. This makes it quick and simple for your users to filter the catalogue by a single programme type.

You can have this feature active or not, it's up to you!

Programme type filters option

Programme types will also be available as filter options in the catalogue filter modal.

This filter option will only display if you have programmes assigned to that programme type.

Programme Types is a feature within the Programme + package - if you would like a demo of the functionality or would like it active on your website please contact your Account Manager or

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