The config page allows you to customise multiple settings within your ONE platform.
To get to the config page first navigate to ONE Admin > Config. 

There are five configuration pages to customise 

  • General
  • Social
  • Video Providers
  • Localisation 
  • Programmes

General ⚙️

The general page allows you to configure settings for your website name Including your company name, inputting your Google Analytics ID to track all activity on your site, copyright text that will display on the footer of the page and the default registration email that will direct all registration emails from users that have selected their account manager as 'I don't know'. 

Social 👥

The social section allows you to input the links to your social media accounts. Once the link is saved against the field, the social media icon will appear in the footer of the page. 👇

Video Providers 📺

The video provider section allows you to input your video provider account details allowing you to upload your videos from the provider onto your ONE platform. 

Localisation 💻

The localisation section allows you to set the names for the titles within the platform, for example, 'Programme re-named to Program'. This then displays on the front end. 


The programme options section allows you to define what appears on your programme page including Series and Episode information. 

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