Video banners are an exciting way to showcase your content which can be added as a content block to a page. To add a video banner firstly navigate to ONE ADMIN > ADMIN > PAGES, from here select 'Manage content' under the 'Actions' tab of the page you wish to add a video banner to. 

Now select Add new content block > Banner Carousel then Add new slide on the pop up. Here you can customise your content block. ✏️

You can select either a custom slide or a programme slide, fill in the appropriate fields and select a video! 

Click 'Save Content Block' and your video banner is ready to showcase on the front end!  🖥

Video banners will automatically start playing with no sound with an option to toggle sound on or off with the icon on the right hand side. You can also add multiple banner videos in a carousel format by adding more slides, see example below 👇

Programme pages 

Adding video banners into a programme page is super easy! 💪 To do this firstly navigate to ADMIN > Programme Management > Programmes. 

Select the 'edit' under the Actions drop down tab next to the programme you wish to add a video banner to 👍

This will now display in the banner on your programme page and will begin playing automatically, check this example out below! 👇

Please Note 📝

  • After the video has finished it will return to the original banner image. 
  • These videos will not play on mobile, the standard banner image will display instead. 
  • This feature is currently only compatible with Brightcove. 

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