If you're having any app niggles at market, quickly run through these questions. Most of the time one of the following things is the culprit!

  • Do you have an internet connection?

Simple, yes, but often in the hustle and bustle of the market it's easy to skip checking the basics. 

  • Is the IP address for the QNAP in the field (if trying to sync from QNAP)

For those of you with a QNAP, go to the settings screen and check that the right IP address is in that field.

  • Have you taken the IP address out of the QNAP field (if trying to sync from the website)

If you are using a QNAP but need to connect to the website instead, make sure you've removed the QNAP IP address from the field in the settings screen

  • Are you logged in as the correct user? Has that user got the right permissions?

If a user can't see the right things on their iPad there are two main things to check.

1. Are they logged in as the correct user?
2. Do they have the right permissions?

  • Does the video play on the website? 

If it doesn't then the issue is with the video file, not the app

  • Are you trying to download too much content? 

Remember you are at the mercy of your iPad's storage limits. Check how much storage is left on your iPad by going to the settings screen in the app.

If you run through these steps but still have issues, you can contact us in the following ways.
Email - support@thisisone.tv
Phone - 01344 266243

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