So it's that time of year again! MIP is getting closer and it's time to get your iPads ready for the market. 

  1. Make sure you have the most up to date version of the app
    Do this by going into the app store and looking at the updates tab.
    Sometimes after an update you'll be required to sync the app again (just data & images, any videos already downloaded to the device will remain), so we'd advise checking & updating before you arrive in Cannes.
  2. Only have videos (promos preferably) in your list for downloads
    This is a really important one. Your iPad will only have a certain amount of capacity - if you have whole programmes in your download list that means they probably contain multiple episodes. And multiple episodes take up way more storage than a promo.

    You can check the overall storage of your iPad in the settings screen of the app.

A quick way to make sure there are only videos in your list is by navigating to the list in the website and seeing if there is a video icon on the cards. A card without a play icon is either a series or a programme, which could contain more than 1 video.

3. Make sure your automatic lock screen is switched off

If your iPad locks during a sync, the sync will fail. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock and set this to 'Never'

4. If you're using a QNAP, contact us to talk about set up

There are two options

  • We provide you with a link to all your files and you prepare the QNAP yourselves
  • We do all the prep for you (chargeable)

Either way please contact us by 19th September to let us know.

5.  Be aware that you can now stop the app from automatically syncing

We've added a toggle to the settings screen so you can switch off the automatic app sync. The app syncs once a day by default, but you have the option to switch off the sync whenever you'd like - something some clients like to do during a market.

For more detail in syncing, see our article here

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