Feature Updates

Amended List Order

We have changed the way lists are now ordered. Previously, lists that were created most recently were ordered first. We’ve now changed the order to most recently updated, so now lists will be in order of ‘updated’ date instead of ‘created’ date. This makes it easier for users to find their most recently worked on lists. 

Phase 1 Search Updates

We have completely re-written the programme catalogue search by implementing a dedicated search engine. Keyword/text searching is now much more accurate and we have seen search speed increased by at least 3x. Catalogue filters are now fully reactive to the results - there will only be filter options available that return results.Search functionality will be an ongoing project so now that the first phase is live we are keen to gather feedback and collate ideas as to where to extend this to next. We would be grateful if you could add any feedback HERE and we will review in our internal roadmap sessions. 

Update to List Share Email

We have enhanced the list sharing process by adding a link to the email which allows an internal user to click through and see the full list, as opposed to just the individual list items. Keep in mind this link will only be visible when sharing to an internal user as an external user won’t have access to be able to click through to the page. 

Cookies Update 

ONE does not have a cookie pop up, instead clients have the option to add a cookie notice to their footer advising which cookies are used & giving details on how to opt out. See this article for more details.

We use performance cookies on ONE. Performance cookies collect information about how visitors use a website - ie which pages they visit most often and if certain pages are giving error messages. These cookies don't collect information that identifies a visitor & all information is aggregated and anonymous.

Google Analytics cookie - Tracks user interaction with the website. The data is used to better understand user journeys on the website and where we can improve the user experience.

Session cookie - This tracks logged in users. We store a user's authentication token in the session cookie, which means they don't have to log in on every page view.

We have created a privacy/cookie policy template you can use. Please contact abi@thisisone.tv if you'd like a copy.

*This document is a generic guideline only, please refer to your company’s legal team to check the legality and accuracy of the document in the context of your business’ operations.*  

GDPR Update

We will be adding an opt in box to the registration form on ONE as part of the roadmap. It will be up to you whether you switch it on or off when it's released.  

Coming up next...

Alongside the app improvements we announced last month, we are also working on some general reporting enhancements. Following some market research and client feedback we are adding 2 new sections to reporting to further enhance the data you can extract from ONE.

Programme page
We are building a report which will allow you to filter by programme to see user engagement. We are also updating the Users section of reporting to allow AccountManagers to see a quick snapshot of overall user activity.

Producer reporting
Producer reporting will allow you to filter by a Producer/Production Company and see what programme pages have been viewed, as well as when screeners were sent and to who, via the iPad application. 

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