Producer Reporting

Producer reporting pulls information from a specific producer and gives you an insight into their activity.

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To get to producer reporting navigate to MY ACCOUNT > REPORTING. Then under the category bar select producer, from here you can select which producer you want to pull information from. 

There are three main categories for producer reporting, Screeners sent, Recipient of screeners, Programme pages viewed

Screeners sent

This displays all the screeners from the selected producer that have been sent from a meeting via the APP. This is customisable through the filters. 

Recipients of screeners 

This shows all the users that screeners have been sent to from the APP. Again this is customisable through the filters. 

Programme pages viewed

This displays each programme that has been viewed and how many page views it has had. This is customisable through the filters.

Producer reporting allows an admin to tailor their reporting activity specifically to producer information. This makes reporting more efficient. 

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