You can manage metadata on both Pages and Programmes on your site.

To navigate to metadata management go to ONE Admin > Programme Management(for Programmes) or Admin (for Pages)



From here, click on the Actions drop down on the page or programme you want, then click on Manage Metadata.

Managing Meta Data

Adding the Title

The title is what your site will display when people are visiting it, or what a search engine will show when displaying results about that page. It's an opportunity to entice visitors to your website, so we would advise using it to provide a very brief description. Best practice is to keep this to around 55 characters.

Adding Keywords
Years ago, marketers abused meta keywords & would insert popular keywords completely unrelated to their content into their code to try to pirate traffic from more popular pages (known as keyword stuffing). Due to this, meta keywords aren't as important as they once were in Google's ranking algorithm. However if you want to add them, the option is there!

The Description

Used by search engines to provide a deeper explanation for potential visitors. Also, your description will be compared with your content & site niche by search engines, higher levels of relativity means higher ranking.

The description here provides more information about what the purpose of the page is, helping to entice relevant visitors to your page.

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