Private video access allows you to send a secure video URL with an attached password to someone without them having to set up an account. This feature provides a secure and quick option to share videos privately. 

To navigate to Private Video Access go to ONE Admin > Programme Management > Videos

From the Video menu, search the programme with the relevant video in from the drop down menu and click on it. (alternatively you can navigate to the video you want to by going to Programmes instead of Videos).

After you've got to the right programme, select Manage Private Access via the Actions drop down menu. 

Once you've clicked into the Manage Private Video Access page, click on New Private Videos Access in the top right hand corner, this will display a menu detailing the information to send (this will also give you the option to add an expiration date to the video). Complete this process by clicking Done.

Once completed, the page will display all private access videos you've created with the URL and Password. Simply email the URL and Password (separately for better security). Once the person has searched the URL they will be prompted to enter the password and can proceed to watch the video.   

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