Single Codebase

The single codebase work essentially means we are able to deploy features & functionality much more quickly without it causing any changes or reverting anything on your current site. It also means the occurrence of new bugs should be significantly decreased.We've now launched and nothing should have changed on your site. However if you do spot anything we have time set aside with our development teams to cover anything you may flag as priority. Please just add to Trello & tag your Project Manager with a detailed description and any relevant screenshots.This is a big change to the system with many long term benefits. Thank you so much for your patience during this period - we can now resume as usual and will be working on search & reporting as priorities. 

Private Video Access

Via the CMS, admins will be able to generate a URL to send to an external user to see a specific video. This will be separate from the programme page and the recipient of the URL will not need to be logged in to see the page, it will just require an auto-generated password. Admin users will be able to set an expiry date for the URL to provide additional security measures. 

Upcoming App Updates

We've been working with our team of UX specialists to run through the app and suggest where we could make improvements for both you & your buyers. Off the back of this, we will be implementing many updates to the app ahead of MIPCOM. These will be ongoing throughout the next few months so keep an eye on the monthly emails for updates!

  • New meeting button in app: This functionality will enable you to create a new meeting in the app, where currently they can only be set up on the website
  • Reset password: Currently a user can only reset their password via the website, we'll be adding a link to the login screen in the app to reset password
  • Custom Attributes: Improving the display + management of custom attributes in the app
  • End meeting improvements: Overall enhancements to the Meeting Summary screen to make it clear which fields are required and what each of them does. We have seen first hand, and received feedback, on this area of the app to the updates here are to make it much simpler and more user friendly. We will detail out the changes specifically when we get nearer release.
  • Screener details on website: You’ll be able to go back into the meeting on the website and see details of any screeners sent in the meeting follow up email.
  • Ability to bulk download any list: Currently only content from the 'Downloads' list can be downloaded in bulk in the app. We are introducing a download option for individual lists, allowing app users greater control over what is downloaded in bulk to the iPad.
  • Video management overhaul: A new and improved video management screen, which means you’ll be able to quickly and easily find & fix failed downloads, as well as a better overview of device storage used.

Coming up next....

New Reporting

We are building a report which will allow you to filter by programme to see user engagement. We are also updating the Users section of reporting to allow Account Managers to see a quick snapshot of overall user activity.


We are in the process of updating the search functionality on the web site. We will soon have the ability to give priority to certain data to ensure the search results are more relevant for the user. Not only do we benefit from improved features but we will also benefit from a much faster return of search results.

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