Related programmes works by pulling other random programmes that are related to the programme's specific genre, for example other drama shows if your programme is a drama. 

To add a related programme block to the bottom of a programme page, navigate to ONE Admin > Programme Management > Programmes

Click on Edit under the Actions tab on the programme you want to add the feature to

Once on the Edit page, scroll to the bottom and click the Show Related Programmes button, from here you can also add in any programmes you feel are relevant that you want Users to see by clicking on the blank white box with the plus symbol in. When you add a new programme, it will replace one of the default programmes. If you delete a new programme, it will be replaced with a default programme. 

In the Search bar, type in the programme you wish to add in, then click on it.  

One you Save Programme this will add a related programmes carousel above your Recently Viewed programmes

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