Private Video Access

Videos can now be sent to unregistered/logged out users by sending them a unique link to a video. You can create this link for your selected video under Programme Management, Videos, Actions, Manage Private Access, + New Private Video Access.

You will be prompted to select the date in which you would like the link to expire before generating Private Video Access.

Once you have saved the date, you will be provided with a Slug, Password and URL for your video to send on to unregistered users.

At present, the link takes you directly to a private video without needing to enter the password as it is included in the URL, however, we will be making an update to this functionality within the next month to prompt a user for the password before accessing the video. The team will send an update when this has been actioned.

Programme Duplication

You now have the ability to duplicate a programme within the CMS. Find the programme within Programme Management section, select from the Actions drop down and hit Duplicate. 

Duplicating a programme will create a template that will set as 'inactive' when copied so you would need to set the status as 'Active' in order for the duplicated programme to show in the Catalogue, if desired.  

By creating templates of programmes, this allows your catalogue to have consistent data. You can create a duplicate of a programme which will pull through the order of the custom attributes of the original programme for consistency. 

If you do not rename the programme, it will appear with the same name followed by (1), for example, Neon Dreams (1)

Images are not copied over i.e banner and thumbnail images so they will need to be entered manually to the duplicate.

Related Programmes 

When editing/adding a new programme you will see that there is a Related Programmes section at the bottom of the programme page in the CMS. 

Programmes are picked by default from the same genre but there is the option to manually add programmes of your choice.
3/4 Related programmes will show, depending on the layout of your catalogue, created in the design process.

This section is turned off by default but you can manually turn this feature on by selecting the tick box next to 'Show Related Programmes'. 

If you would like to display related programmes for every programme, please let us know and we can update this to save you from updating each manually.

This feature currently pulls 3 set related programmes by default for a specific genre but we will be making updates after the front end overhaul to ensure that 3 related programmes to the specific page are pulled. 

Meta Data

The meta data for the Homepage and the Catalogue were previously hardcoded.
Now, all pages and programmes will use page titles by default but they can individually be overwritten within the CMS. 

Under Actions on the selected page, you will see the option 'Manage Meta Data'. 

You can update the Title, Keywords and Description and save to update your changes.

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