Publish Date

When adding a new programme within the CMS there's now the option to add a publish date from the drop down in 'Edit' mode. Simply find the programme you are looking to update either in the catalogue or via ONE Admin > Actions > Edit >select from the publish date drop down and save the programme. The programme must be ticked as active in order for it to display in the catalogue on the day of the publish date.

Remove data via sync

Previously, data that had been deleted in the CMS was not removed via the sync, the user had to 'delete all data' and then sync from scratch.

This has now been optimised so that the sync removes any data that has been deleted in the CMS.

For example, if you delete 'ONE test programme' in the CMS, this will delete in the app once you run a full sync. You will also notice messaging that is now in place whilst syncing.

Meeting follow up emails

Meeting summary emails can now be sent from a specific Account Manager's email address. 

Previously emails were sent from the generic email address that had been set up during build of the site.

The emails are sent from an email that is under your client domain i.e ''. So if the owner of a meeting has that specific domain, when they send the meeting summary email via the app it will appear in the inbox from '

Please note this requires some DNS configuration so get in touch with your project manager if this is something you would like to set up.

Parent and child permissions

Permissions are now filtered down from parent to child elements. For example, restricting a programme will restrict related series and restricting a series would filter that restriction down to videos. If you need to restrict all episodes you can simply restrict the series they are related to.

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