Q - How do we hear about your latest releases?

A- We send out a feature release update email at the start of each month with details of what new functionality has been released.

Q - How do we add a suggestion for your product roadmap?

A - The roadmap is available at thisisone.tv/roadmap & you are able to add suggestions using the form on thisisone.tv/client-requests 

Q- What cookies are used on ONE?

  • A Google Analytics tracking cookie
  • Session cookie for tracking logged in users
  • We also store a user's authentication token in the session cookie.

Q -  What support do you offer at markets?

A -  We offer on the ground support at MIPTV & MIPCOM as standard. You can upgrade this option to have a ONE representative on your stand at all times, either leading up to or during the market.
We offer remote support for other large markets during UK working hours.

Q - How do we ask any questions or report any issues? 

A - If you have any questions or want to raise any potential issues you have with your site, try having a look to see if any of our articles answer your questions and if not, simply pop us a message in the support chat in the bottom right corner and one of our team will be happy to help!  

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