Event Manager is not part of the core ONE platform - it's an add on built for the requirements of large distributors at markets such as MIP.

Menu > Events

On the main events screen, you'll see the events dashboard. The dashboard shows all current & past events.

Events Dashboard

Status - Status indication of Active or Inactive.  Inactive events will not show in events drop-downs on the calendar view or event reports. 

Report - Links through to event report page.

Duplicate Event - When an event is duplicated the Event names will be prefixed ‘Copy of’ and set with an inactive status. No meetings or notes will be copied across. 

Edit - Pencil icon. This will open the event for editing

Delete - Trashcan icon. This will delete the event from the meeting manager. Confirmation of deletion will be required.

Send invites - Clicking on the send invites button will send email invites to all attendees.  The button state will change to ‘Invites sent’
The email will have an ics file attachment for their meeting.
Please note - invites can only be sent once per event.


Create an Event


Active Toggle - This will make the event active for normal users.  Admin users will always see this event. 

Event Title - The title will be used in the select event drop down.

Event contact - Main contact for the event. Select from registered Internal One platform users.

Event timezone - The time zone where the event will take place.
Note: It is important to set the correct timezone. Meeting invites are sent by Email, the email contains the meeting time set for the timezone you select


Locations allow you to create meeting spaces/rooms to be used in the meetings.

Location name - Free text meeting location name e.g. Meeting room 1, Screening room, Boardroom etc

Nickname - Ability to specify a nickname for the room e.g. Phil's room

Attendees - Select the total number of attendees for the room

Meal location - Toggle to turn the location on or off as a location that’s available for a meal 

Add a new location Button - This will add a new row with black fields for the location name, location nickname, attendees & meal toggle.

Assign new locations Button - Clicking the “Assign new locations” button will save the details and return you to the create/edit event detail page.
This location is then available for booking meetings against for this event. 

Delete Location - Users can delete a location if there are no meetings allocated to that room  
Note (a warning message will be displayed to confirm deletion )

Stand opening

When the start and end dates are added to the event form, the days will automatically be populated into this section. Users can then select the end and start times for each day. This doesn’t prevent meetings from being booked outside of these times

Meal slots

Users can add meal slots to the application which allows these locations to be booked for meals. Meal slot times are specified here. Users can add multiple meal slots to the event.

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