Meetings are created and managed on the website, see setting up meetings for information on how to set up meetings.

Starting a Meeting

The meetings section in the app allows you to view & run meetings that have been setup for the particular user logged into the app.

The date in the top left is set to 'today' as default, but you can navigate to different dates to view other meetings by tapping the drop down. 

The drop down only shows dates that have meetings for the logged in user - it does not show all dates.

Tap your meeting to open it, this starts the meeting.


If you have associated a list to your meeting, you'll see the programmes, series or episodes within the list down on the left hand side of the screen

There are icons underneath each item in the list

Far left icon (...) - can be used to quickly indicate a buyer's interest in the programme / series/ episode with thumbs-up/thumbs-down icon.
Middle icon (notepad) - add a note to the programme / series / episode
Right icon (paperclip) - attach a screener link to the programme / series / episode in the meeting follow up email

Each of these icons will change to green if they are added.

Adding a screener link

Multiple screener links can be added to a meeting and will show in the 'Summary' tab. This link will be sent in a meeting summary email and will send the user back to the ONE website. A screener link added for a programme or series will take the user to the programme page. A screener link added for an individual video will open up the video on the programme page automatically. The user must be logged in to see the programme page or video (unless the video is marked as public).


Use the Catalogue tab to access the full catalogue in the menu across the bottom of the screen. 

If there's a programme of interest in your catalogue that wasn't included in the meeting list, simply search for it in the catalogue.

You can add the programme to the meeting list from the catalogue view, by using the 'add to list' button on the card, or click into the programme page to view the full details and then add from there.

Once the 'add to list' button has been pressed, the item will appear at the bottom of the list on the left hand side.


The downloads option gives you access to videos that have been downloaded prior to the meeting, meaning you can play the video without needing an internet connection.

To download a video in advance of the meeting, navigate to the programme and press the download icon on the video you'd like to download. It will then appear in your downloads.


Pre-meeting notes have to be added to the meeting via the website - see here for guidance.
You can add post-meeting notes in the application by tapping the Add Note button. Multiple notes can be added which will display with a timestamp on the website.

Pre and post meeting notes can be viewed on the website.

Follow up - Meeting Summary email

Navigate to the 'Summary' tab on the bottom menu. An email will only be sent if there are screener links or a message - if neither of these are present then an email will not be sent, regardless of whether or not an email address is added in.

The follow up email can be sent to multiple people - just type in the email addresses into the field, comma separated.

You can also add an optional follow up message which will be included in the summary email. Tap the toggle and a text field will appear where you can add as much text as you like.

Press 'End Meeting' and the email will be sent. If you choose to leave the meeting instead (top right corner), no email will be sent and you'll be able to go back into the meeting and make amends to your email before sending.

The email can only be sent once - once the meeting has been 'ended' you can go back into the meeting and add more notes which will sync with the website, but the email cannot be sent again.

The meeting will be greyed out once it has been 'ended'.

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