Overview of Video Downloads

There is bulk download functionality within the app to allow you to easily pre-stock the iPads ahead of markets and events and ensure that the core content is available for offline viewing on every device. Ideally this list should be a small amount of promo content that can easily be downloaded - the bigger the list, the longer it will take to stock each iPad, especially on slow connections.

Each Account Manager or Sales person can then use the individual download feature to add videos that are specific to their individual meetings.

If a large amount of content e.g. 30GB + is required to be on each iPad, we recommend using QNAP devices. See article here.

Downloading Videos in Bulk

We have enhanced the bulk download feature in the app by creating the ability to download all videos from any list. Previously, there had to be one single list called 'Downloads'.

This new feature allows users to download from any list within the app, meaning it doesn't have to have a specific name and different users can bulk download different content.

*Please be aware that the amount of content you can download is completely dependent on the storage available on the iPad*

To download all videos in a list, first navigate to 'Lists' in the footer navigation menu. 

From here click on the list you want to download videos from 

Then simply click 'Download All Videos' in the top right hand corner and your download will begin, you can see the progress of your download in a bar above the button. 

You can also track all your video download progress in a separate page within the App. Simply click on 'Downloads' in the footer navigation menu and this will display all your downloads in one place. 

On the list page, you can only add the entire programme to the list. If you add programmes, all videos associated with that programme will be downloaded, e.g. if a programme has 20 videos associated to it, all 20 videos will then be added to the list. This could significantly increase the total size of the videos to be downloaded so we recommend adding individual videos only.

You can add individual series or episodes by navigating to the individual series or episode in the catalogue and pressing the 'Add to list' button.

Downloading Individual Videos

You can also download individual videos. Just navigate to the programme via the catalogue, find the video and press the 'download button'.

You can then see the progress of your video displayed where the button previously was. 

Removing Videos from the iPad

Videos can be deleted in bulk or individually.

Bulk remove
In the Settings screen, hit the 'Delete All Downloads' button to remove every file that has been downloaded to your device. This will remove every file that has been downloaded.

Remove individual files
To remove an individual video file, go to the 'Downloads' tab in the app, find the programme the video is related to in the list on the left hand side, find the individual video and then swipe left on it. A delete button will display and you can hit this to remove only this specific file.

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