Add Asset

Assets belong to categories. In order to add assets, you must have categories set up. See how here! 

ONE Admin > Assets
You can upload assets directly to the portal via the CMS. In order to add an asset to a programme, firstly search for the programme in the assets section of the CMS.

An asset can be assigned on a programme level or to a particular season if already created. Once selecting the level at which the asset is to sit, you must then select a category under which it sits. If the category doesn't exist, you can create a new one.

Once selecting the category, you can click the upload button to add files.

Once the upload window is open, you can either drag and drop files here or you can click the circle to navigate to find the files on your computer. Once all the files are ready, click the upload button and the files will be added to the programme. You have the option to make the files restricted on upload.

Add an image gallery

To add an image gallery, follow the steps above and select image gallery on the upload screen. You can only upload image files in this case. You must ensure you add all the files at the same time. Once uploaded, an image gallery will be automatically created.

Name an asset

To name an asset, simply navigate to the asset and click on the title. Type in the new name and then click away to have the title saved.

Delete an asset

To delete an asset, check the box next to the asset then select the delete asset button above. You can select and delete multiple assets at once.

Edit an asset

You can only edit a single asset at a time. To do this, select the asset and click the edit button at the top. This allows you to edit the following:

  • Name
  • Programme
  • Season
  • Asset type
  • File
  • Restriction

You can also remove and replace the file and add or remove images in a gallery

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