You can create a custom attribute for use on the website and app. It is possible to create an attribute and assign it to:

  • A programme
  • A series

Create a new attribute

To create a new attribute, click the 'New Custom Attribute' button in the top of the page. This presents a window to complete the following options


Add a name for the attribute


This allows you to choose what type of field you are creating. You have the following options:

  • String - This is a simple text field, allows you to add a standard text string as the attribute
  • Integer - Allows you to add a number as the attribute
  • Bolean - A checkbox to show true or false
  • Date - Takes a date picker as the attribute


You can specify where the attribute sits, against a programme or series.

Attribute Configuration

You have the following options:

  • Display on Website - Shows the results on the website. You might want to show an attribute on the app only and not the website to users
  • Display in App - As above, you might want to show an attribute on the website but not on the app
  • Enable users to filter by this attribute - This allows users to filter these results on the website only. It may not be necessary to filter by this attribute on the website, in which case you don't tick this item
  • Limit available values - See below

Limit available values

You can limit the options available when adding a custom attribute. In which case you should check this option. Note this option is only available for string or integer.

When you select this option you have the ability to add value. Click the add value button to add values. You can delete options if required. When you add this custom attribute, these are the options that will be available to the administrator.

Once complete, hit the Save Custom Attribute button

Order custom attributes

Attributes are shown on the website in the same order as the CMS. To rearrange the order, simply drag and drop the attributes in the CMS.

Edit / Delete

To edit or delete a custom attribute, click on the corresponding action button and click the edit / delete option. Editing will allow you to edit the attribute, delete will warn before confirming.

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