You can create and manage genres via the CMS.

ONE Admin > Programme Management > Genres

Genres are global and will be available across the whole catalogue.

From the genre screen you can manage the following:

  • Add a new genre
  • Edit an existing genre
  • Delete an existing genre

The order of the genres appears in the order they are added. There is currently no way to change the order in the CMS. When adding a genre against a programme, they will display in the order that you add them.

Add a new genre

To add a new genre, click the 'New Genre' button and a window will pop up. 

You have two options, to create a parent of child genre (see screenshot above). To create a parent genre, leave the 'Parent genre' dropdown empty and enter a name for your new genre in the name box.
To create a child genre, select a parent from the 'Parent genre' dropdown and enter a name below in the name box. It is currently only possible to create a parent or child genre, there are no further sub genres.
Click 'Save Genre' to create your new genre.

Edit a genre

Click the action button next to the genre and click edit option. Update either the parent genre, name or both. Clicking save will update the genre.

Delete a genre

Click the action button next to the genre and delete. A warning will pop up to confirm before the deletion is complete. Once deleted there is no way to restore.

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