Highlights are shown on the home screen of your screening app. Highlights are the same for each user on the app and are managed on the website.

Navigate in the menu to ONE Admin > Programme Management > Highlights

Add a programme to the highlights

To add a programme click the 'Add Programme' button in the top right under the 'Actions' tab. A window will pop up where you search for a programme. Type in the first 3 characters and the search will bring up suggestions. Select the required programme and click the 'Add Programme' button. The programme will be added to the bottom of the list.
NOTE - the programme must be created first before it can be added to the highlights screen.

Delete a programme from highlights

Click the 'X' icon button next to the programme you wish to remove and then select delete. A warning message will pop up before confirming the removal. This only removes the programme from the highlights screen, it does not delete the programme from the CMS.

Reorder the highlights

To change the order in which the highlights are shown on the app, you simply drag and drop the programmes. Hover the mouse over the programme and the pointer will change to an arrow. You can then drag and drop the programmes into the required order. The order is automatically saved when you let go of the mouse.

Add a highlights category

Use highlights categories to structure your highlights on the app. These can be anything you want - for example genres, new releases or just a general showcase.
Click +New Category in the top right of highlights on the website.
Name: Choose a name to reflect the content of the category
Genre: If you choose a genre the category label will link through to a filtered version of the catalogue, showing only that genre.

Changing the display on the App 

There are two display options you can have for your highlights page in the App.

Collection View
A banner carousel of featured programmes with categories displayed underneath.

For this option go into the highlights page in the CMS, select 'Layout 2 - Collection view'. Add the programmes you want to display in the banner carousel in the 'Banner carousel' section. Further down the page you can then add in separate categories using the '+ New Category' button, for example 'Factual' or 'Drama'. You can then add the desired titles to this section. This will then display as programme cards under the category in the highlights page on the Ipad. Remember to re-sync the Ipad! 🧠

Programme Listing

The whole page can be displayed like a catalogue page with your selected programmes and a hardcoded banner image.

To do this simply select 'Layout 1 - Programme Listing' and add in the programmes you wish to showcase, this will then display like a catalogue page with your hardcoded image. 😄

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