Videos assigned to the programme can be managed in two areas.

The first is under the programme which you can find by searching the catalogue. Once you have clicked through to your selected programme, you will see an actions button in the banner. Select Manage Videos;

In the back end of the system you can find the programme under

One Admin > Programme Management > Programmes > find the selected programme > Actions > Manage Videos;

Here you can '+ New Video' using the button on the right hand corner

Here you can enter a name for your video which will display on the front end of the programme page along with the video ID. You can choose to make the video public before creating. Once your video is created you will see it displayed against the programme.

Videos assigned at the programme level will display on the programme page before videos assigned at series level. As seen below, videos assigned at the programme level have the programme name above the video.
For series level videos, see this article
For episode level videos, see this article

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