To add a new programme, navigate to ONE Admin > Programme Management > Programmes

Click the + New Programme button in the top right of the screen.

You'll then be taken to a form to fill in details about the programme.

Programme title: The title you'd like to give you programme. This is seen by both internal & external users

Status: Tick active if you'd like the programme to be seen in your catalogue

Publish date: Set a date in the future for publishing

Introduction: A short introduction to your programme. This will sit in the banner

Description: A description of your programme. This will sit on the left of your programme page underneath the banner. In the description box you've given some options such as text type, buttons, bullet points & links

Genres: Assign genres to your programme. You can choose as many as you'd like. You can only choose from genres that are already set up in the system. To add more genres, see here.

Number of Seasons: This field is not mandatory, but is useful to show how many seasons are available if you are not planning on manually adding all seasons to the programme.

Number of episodes: Same as above.

Production Companies: Add relevant production companies from pre-existing companies within the system. Read this article for information on adding new production companies.

Production Start: Start date for production

Production End: End date for production

Languages: Add languages from pre-existing languages n the system. For information on adding new languages, read this article.

Custom Attributes: Add custom attributes from existing custom attributes within the system. For information on how custom attributes work, or how to add new attributes, read this article.

Click the Create Programme button to finish.

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