Roles serve an important purpose when it comes to managing who has access to what features on the website & app, whether that be in the CMS or what an individual can have access to on the front end of the website. 

Roles are customisable, you can create as many or as few as you like using different combinations of the permissions available.

To access roles, navigate to ONE Admin > Admin > Roles

Add a New Role 👤

Click the + New Role button in the top right of the screen. This will open up a form where you define your new role. See example below 


Edit an Existing Role ✍️

Click the Actions button to the right of the role you'd like to edit. Choose edit.

Delete an Existing Role ❌

Click the Actions button to the right of the role you'd like to delete. Choose delete.

What does each role permission allow you to do? 

Users and Roles management 

  • Internal users - Can edit and manage settings of an internal user
  • Approvals - Has access and can manage the approvals of new users 
  • Roles - Can add/ edit roles in the CMS
  • Global lists - Can add in and edit the global lists
  • Copy permissions - Can copy permissions to other users 
  • External users - Can edit/ manage external users
  • Meetings - Can see all users' meetings
  • Companies - Can create/ edit companies in the CMS
  • View reporting - Has access to the reporting feature

Programme management 

  • Programmes - Can add/edit programmes & programme permissions in the CMS
  • Videos - Can add/ edit videos in the CMS
  • Data import - Can import Data in the CMS
  • Programme data options - Can manage all programme data options in the CMS
  • Highlights - Can edit/ manage the highlights section in the CMS (app)

Asset management

  • Assets - Can add/ edit assets in the CMS
  • Assets permissions - Can manage asset permissions (manage who has access to certain assets).

Content management

  • Pages - Can create/ edit pages. 

Once a role has been set up, you can apply it to a user via Admin > Users, find the user and go on the actions drop down & choose edit.

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