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Create a Meeting

Go to selected day of meeting and hit + new meeting to create a meeting.
Once you hit + you will be taken to the New Meeting page where all meeting details can be entered.


Add your meeting title. You can choose to mark the meeting as critical using the tog to the right of the summary box.

Time and Location

Assign a date, start & end time, meeting location and time zone.


Select a meeting host from the drop down (if you are an admin)

Manage unregistered attendees - Use this to add attendees who are not yet registered users in the system. Enter the attendees details and click Assign New Attendee. You can add multiple unregistered attendees.

Manage registered attendees - Selecting this option allows you to search for people already registered in the system. Type the name of the attendee you're looking for and a drop down list will appear. Once you've selected the people you need, click assign selected attendee in the top right.

Meeting Lists

This allows you to add lists to your meeting from existing lists within ONE. If you haven't yet set up a list, read this article to learn how.


Enter a meeting description.

Scroll back to the top and click Create Meeting. Voila!

Meeting Overview

Once a meeting has been set up, you can click into the card to view the details and edit.


In the Notes tab, you an add pre-meeting notes up until the time of the meeting. These notes will sync to the iPad app. Multiple notes can be added and will be time stamped.

Post meeting notes can be added in the iPad app or via the website after the end time of the meeting.


The summary tab populates with any screeners sent from the meeting (via the iPad app), the reactions and the follow up email. You can now re-send the original email from the website, or type a new message, edit the attendees and send again. You can also see all emails sent.

You also have the option to edit or cancel the meeting. Meetings you create in the App also link back to the website including - notes, screeners and reactions!

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