When downloading and using the app for the first time, you'll need to sync both data and images. The data and images are pulled directly from the website.

Here is an example of our demo catalogue that shows what the app looks like before the sync.

Syncing Data

Data needs to be synced before images

Navigate to the cog in the top right corner of the screen. You'll be taken to a new screen and given the option to sync data or sync images. We also have a "Sync Automatically" toggle which allows you to select whether you want auto-sync on or not. 

If 'Sync Automatically' is turned on, the app will sync new data once every 24 hours. If this is turned off, no updates (made on the website) will sync to the app unless the user of the iPad manually hits 'Sync Data'.

Tap "Sync Data"

Sync in progress

You will see a 'syncing' screen whilst the sync is in progress and the app cannot be accessed at this time, so make sure you don't hit the button whilst in a meeting. The messaging will update to tell you what data is being synced at that time, e.g. programmes, series, meetings etc. If you you have auto sync switched on the App will follow this method once every 24 hours.

Once the sync is complete, you will automatically be re-directed back into the app.
Here is the catalogue with data synced, but not images.

Syncing Images

Navigate back to the cog in the top right of the screen, but this time choose "Sync Images".

Depending on the strength of your connection & the size of your catalogue, the image sync may take a while. 

Whilst the images are syncing you will see a spinning icon in top right or left of app.

It is preferable to leave the app to sync images rather than to try and navigate around. The spinning icon will disappear once all images are in the app.

It's advisable to just run a quick data / image sync on a regular basis. The data is pulled from your website, so if anything is updated on there, you'll need to run a quick sync to ensure your application is up to date. 

When you run a new sync, the app just looks for any changes or anything new. It does not re-sync all of your data, so will be very quick.

Deleting data

Within the Settings screen you can also delete data.

This function is not required in the day to day running of the app, but you may be asked to use them for troubleshooting purposes, e.g. if you can't see the correct data.
The deletion functions in the same way as the sync - you can delete all data (e.g. programmes, lists, meetings), all images or all downloaded videos.

You may want to delete all downloaded videos if the iPad is going to be handed to someone else and they shouldn't have access to the same files as you, e.g. if you have access to a private/restricted file.

Local server IP field

This field is only used if you are streaming from a QNAP at a market, for which there is a separate set up process - this field can be disregarded if you are not using a QNAP.

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